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Sesa Foundation for the Empoli vaccine hub

Support to the “ASL Centro” local healthcare facility in Empoli (province of Florence) through the transfer, with a loan for use, of corporate premises for the opening of a vaccine hub capable of administering approximately 1,000 doses per day.

This has been a great opportunity for citizens who have been able to use the hub in totally safe conditions and receive all the necessary information and guidance. The service was delivered in collaboration with local voluntary associations and the Civil Protection system of the Union of the Municipalities of the Empolese Valdelsa area, who worked to prepare a project to assist the population in reaching and using the hub without risks or further infections. The Foundation also provided the necessary information technology equipment for the provision of the service.

“As SeSa Group, we are pleased and proud that we made a small contribution by making our premises available for the construction of this vaccine hub, which can certainly be essential to get us out of this emergency. Our Group has always put people, employees, and families at the heart of our policies, and we have long undertaken many initiatives through the Foundation to protect and support our community and health care workers.” – Paolo Castellacci, President of Fondazione SeSa.


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