Rating and Award

Sesa’s continued commitment to and focus on environmental, social, governance (ESG) issues is confirmed by the assessment by the most important specialized rating agencies and, consequently, by the inclusion in the most prestigious ESG indicators

Ratings are drawn up on the basis of public information and questionnaires sent to companies. Business transparency in communicating ESG performance is therefore a prerequisite for a good score at these indicators

CDP B Climate Change 2022 assesses transparency and the reporting of strategies, governance, environmental performance objectives, and the management of risks and opportunities associated with the effects of climate change.
MSCI BBB Assesses exposure and the capacity to manage risks and opportunities related to ESG factors, on a variety of issues: CO2 emissions, water stress, opportunities in renewables, other pollutant and waste emissions, human capital, corporate governance, and corporate behaviour.
S&P GLOBAL 46 S&P Global Ratings is one of the world's leading providers of independent credit rating and analysis. In the ESG area, S&P Global ratings includes environmental, social and governance factors in its credit analysis aimed at issuing ratings.
REFINITIV B Refinitiv ESG scores are designed to transparently and objectively measure a company’s ESG performance, commitment, and effectiveness across 10 key themes, based on a publicly available and auditable dataset.
ISS ESG E:3 - S:3 - G:9​ Assesses ESG performance on the basis of approximately 100 indicators including 6 macro areas.
ECOVADIS Gold medal​ EcoVadis analyses companies operating in over 150 countries and assesses their initiatives, policies and objectives regarding the environment, labour and human rights, business ethics and transparency, supply chain management. The Group has taken part in the Ecovadis assessment since 2019.
Sustainalytics 20,9
(medium risk)
The Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating analyzes the relevance of environmental, social and governance issues and how the company manages the risks deriving from these issues.
SOLE24ORE Leader della Sostenibilità
Independent survey conducted on a sample of 1,500 large and medium-sized Italian companies (taken from public databases) that publish sustainability reports and disclose their main financial information in the web. Unsolicited analysis not subject to the payment of fees by the undertakings.
Following the survey, Sesa was selected among the 200 Italian companies considered most sustainable.
IGI ESG Business IGI
The Integrated Governance Index (IGI) is a quantitative index built on the basis of a questionnaire intended to give a clear and concise statement of how companies are positioned in relation to key sustainability aspects.
Sesa is included in the list of Top Performer ESG Identity companies, as part of the Integrated Governance Index project. This includes companies that have obtained a significant score in terms of ESG as well as the top-ranked companies in terms of size and sector.