Sesa Talent

There are three key elements in attracting talent, particularly younger people: a work environment where diversity and differences are optimised and where each individual is encouraged to express their potential and particular skill, the opportunity to work on stimulating and innovative projects, and our unwavering commitment to sustainable development

We promote targeted and wide-ranging initiatives to nurture and grow our talent. To reach younger people, we use tools, channels and language that they are familiar with and run web- and social media-based recruitment activities.

We have worked closely with leading schools and universities for many years, advising students and helping them develop digital, strategic and multi-disciplinary skills for our business.


The initiatives we support are aimed at:


  • developing outstanding training geared towards innovation and a better productive process;
  • aligning the education provided by schools and universities with business needs;
  • guiding young people as they enter the world of work, and bring them closer to it;
  • strengthening the Group’s image among young people.

To ensure we remain competitive, we focus on the following:


  • attraction: we make the most of our resources in order to provide a high-quality experience to all candidates and staff;
  • engagement: we make work interesting and meaningful for our people so that in turn they are happy with their work, are productive and offer innovative solutions;
  • development: we invest in our people, offering career development programmes and opportunities to get ahead;
  • retention: our commitment to engaging and developing our people is key to retaining them, which is why we put so much effort into inclusion and diversity, career management and work-life balance.

Measuring and reporting progress

Our competitive advantage is based on our capacity to attract, engage and develop the talents of today and tomorrow. We constantly evaluate their performance in key areas and measure values such as employee engagement and development.

new hires
as at 30 April 2023
extracurricular internships designed to lead to job offers or curricular work experience placements
as at 30 April 2023

Talent acquisition

Our talent recruitment team conduct talent search and selection activities directed at new graduates, professionals and directors. The strategies they develop and implement enable Sesa to attract and hire outstanding talent while also offering candidates a positive experience.


Key areas include:

  • consolidation of best practice and processes along with a standardised approach to hiring, evaluating and selecting talent;
  • increasing the capacity to identify outstanding talents through training, workforce planning initiatives and strategies for hiring that embrace diversity;
  • developing and strengthening a compelling employer brand;
  • exploiting new technologies to improve recruitment, hire candidates and our recruitment team.

Human resource engagement

We have a clear vision and strategy, which is that work is close to the hearts of our employees. We believe that if they feel part of the company, they are more productive, innovative and content. To help us better understand their experience and how it influences our success, we have a programme that ensures their voices are heard. This is designed to gather information from them, starting with their initial training and continuing throughout their time at Sesa.

Work-life balance

Part of our work in attracting and retaining key talent is helping our people striking a balance between work, family and personal needs.

Training opportunities

We are committed to ongoing education in our company. Sesa offers a wide portfolio of learning resources to upskill our people. These include virtual courses that enable a more global participation and also represent a cost-effective training method.

Leadership development

Good leaders are key to good performance when it comes to managing talent. Our leadership development programmes help selected employees to develop their career potential and move into senior roles.

We are committed to improving the skills of our current leaders and developing a list of future leaders.

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