Recruitment and training

The Group’s capacity to attract talented people is reflected in headcount growth, with 760 new hires made during the past financial year

Of these, approximately 53% were aged under 30

The Talent Acquisition tool is a comprehensive personnel selection and recruitment programme made up of a number of factors:


  • Collaborations with leading professional technical schools, universities, business schools and other learning institutions where we have established relationships and offer internships to students and new graduates, develop projects together and thesis support;
  • Participation in Career Days and relevant university events;
  • Social media and communication campaigns and programmes in relevant channels, including LinkedIn and main recruitment sites
  • Recruitment events at the Group’s main sites, designed to showcase the employment and professional growth opportunities we offer new graduates;
  • An academy with specific areas of focus in key IT specialist areas;
  • Collaboration with colleges and secondary schools in our territory that are part of cooperative education programmes.
new hires
as of 30 April 2023
rate of staff turnover
as of 30 April 2023
new hires aged under 30
as of 30 April 2023

Each year we offer a number of internship opportunities to allow young people starting out in their career the chance to understand a real-life work environment and enjoy an educational experience that may also include a co-op element.

As at 30 April 2023, there were 92 interns in either curricular work experience placements or extracurricular internships, the latter designed to lead to long-term jobs. The total number of interns or apprentices in educational and professional development programmes increased to 394 at the same date.

extracurricular internships designed to lead to job offers or curricular work experience placements
as of 30 April 2023
interns or apprentices in educational and professional development programmes
as of 30 April 2023

Our approach to training

Training not only plays a key role in bringing out the potential in our employees, but represents a fundamental tool in developing the professional competencies we offer as a group. In the past two years, the main training programmes in each field have been strengthened, including those required to reflect evolutions in safety and sustainability approaches and legislation.

In the year to 30 April 2023, 69,511 hours were spent in training, representing an increase of 14,13% over the previous year. Key focuses were technical skills, sustainability and soft skills.

Total number of employees who received training
of which 2,327 took part in mandatory training and 931 in technical training
Training hours
of which 41,960 were spent in technical-related training


compared to 2022

A significant portion of training programmes are managed through two channels: the parent company’s central training department. These tend to relate to particular themes such as personal data protection (GDPR), cyber security, sustainability, diversity and compliance; e-learning platforms valuable tools that enable us to involve an increasing number of employees in training opportunities.

How we grow
the talent
in Sesa

Diversity and
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